Piggy – how to fish


In the foothill sections of the watercourses of the Danube basin, Vistula, Cisy etc.. it belongs to the predominant species, and its share in the formation of fish stock is equal to that of chub. Właśnie wody płynące można w zasadzie określić jako obszar jej

Fast – how to catch


For beginners in the art of fishing, we recommend developing the necessary habits from the beginning – from catching common white fish. In this way, they have tangible evidence of the progress being made - in the form of fish caught, which at the same time encourage further efforts. You, however, who would be …

How to fish – I with

I with

The relationship between the ame and the chub is evidenced by similar, stocky body. Categorical requirements towards the environment, and – as it seems – a certain reluctance to adapt allow the ides to inhabit only a limited area of ​​spacious ones, deep, moderately swift sub-mountain and lowland sections …