Due to the course of basic life processes, environmental requirements, as well as the shape of the body, piggy and vimba appear to be closely related. It especially emphasizes their relationship with the specific shape of the muzzle with the mouth in the lower part. Characteristic for the certificate is the type of snout in the shape of the beginning of the nose (hence the Slovak name of this fish - nosal).

In addition to the preferences related to the environment, vimba and mumps share a similar course of reproductive processes and growth rate. The certa also reaches a maximum of approx. 2 Kg, in general, however, the individuals caught are much smaller. The only real difference is in the way you eat – vimba must be considered carnivorous, and plant baits can only work after baiting more persistently than when fishing for pigs. In the waters, where fewer anglers catch and the vimba was unable to meet plant baits, you have to fish with animal bait. However, it is a very clever fish and after baiting it is possible to fish with plant baits more successfully than a pig.

For questions about the rules of angling certification, see the chapter on guinea pigs, so it makes no sense to repeat myself. Vimba equipment must be delicate, even fishing line 0,15 Mm, the size and type of lures are similar to those of fishing for a pig (taking into account the differences discussed above), the methods of fishing are also similar – mainly at the bottom or just above it, holding flow, and if necessary also holding the bait.

The certa reacts extremely quickly to the baiting, generally faster than fish of other species.

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