Optional accessories

Order is the basis of fishing. Therefore, we will start at the end. You need a lot of different gear for fishing. They all belong, of course, somewhere neatly arranged.

Supporters of active fishing methods - fly fishing, spinningowania, flow – it's best to move around with the right one (therefore light, but capacious) backpack with many large external pockets. For individual little things: spinners, bow ties, hooks, ciężarki, floats etc., appropriate containers with a secure closure are needed. It is enough for short trips, of course, a small haversack.

For sit-down anglers it can be recommended, as the most practical, special foldable fishing basket. Even in the simplest type, there is an abundance of various sizes of compartments, suitable for the more important items of additional and auxiliary equipment: lures, hooks, free weights, floats etc., at the same time, a complete overview and easy accessibility at all times are ensured. If you can advise, then investing in buying a larger basket may turn out to be profitable. A piece of wire when fishing, Threads or duct tape found in a roomy trunk can be extremely useful at times. Unfortunately, types of baskets combined with a comfortable chair are known to us only from catalogs of foreign producers. The current tendency to use more and more gentle, sensitive fishing equipment also causes a change in views on the need to use landing nets, which are in these conditions an addition not only recommended, but even indispensable. If you fish with very thin lines, the landing net is even needed to catch a small white fish. For tourist-oriented anglers, the smaller one will be more suitable, the so-called. trout, Landing net with oval shape and short handle, adapted to be attached to a belt or other appropriate place. Landing nets with longer handles will be more comfortable for other fishing methods. Those with a telescopic or folding handle are very practical, mainly because, that they allow you to catch fish even in difficult terrain conditions (e.g.. when the shores are steep). The landing net is generally triangular in shape, ovals are also suitable, slightly worse round. The size, of course, depends on the fish caught, However, more massive landing nets provide more certainty. You need to use an appropriate tool to catch the largest pieces – either of the landing hooks (osęk). When fishing from a boat, the short handle type is sufficient, however, practical types with a telescopic handle are commonly used. For safety, the point of the hook should be covered (e.g.. a spring cover).

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