Ground fishing

Ground fishing

It is one of the essential methods of fishing based on this, that an appropriately loaded bait is cast to the selected spot, on which it rests for a certain period of time. So it is a passive method, based on assumption, that fish will find bait in their foraging trips. In order to exclude a coincidence and to activate this method at all, it is necessary, of course, select the fishery correctly – place, in which the fish used to look for food – and lure them there. Before a fish takes a bait, it takes advantage of the possibility of carefully examining its credibility, so only natural baits are possible here – depending on the species caught – of animal or plant origin. Ground fishing can be practiced in stagnant waters, and flowing, at short and long distances from the angler's position. However, the use of this method should be verified, yes because of its passivity, for the sometimes used too solid fishing sets with clearly reduced sensitivity, and therefore efficiency. Therefore, this method can only be recommended in justified cases, when there are no conditions for applying other methods. This is especially true of the following cases:

a) when fish are suspicious of a moving bait and a stationary bait seems more natural to them;

b) when we fish on a well-fed position or for some reason promising special hopes and we want to, for the lure to stay on it as long as possible;

c) when fishing in a fishery with a very diversified shape, in which there are alternating shoals and pits and where this is a condition of success, so that the bait rests on the bottom.

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