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More than 4 millions of anglers

London – in the homeland of fishing, in the UK, Fishing has long been and continues to be the most popular leisure activity. Assesses itself, that over four million Britons are passionate about fishing. Official data show, that sea fishing has 1,1 million followers, freshwater fishing 2,3 mln, while catching only salmonids is approx 800 thousand. people.

Shockingly large plaice

Hastings – many sea anglers catching plaice weighing up to 1,5 kg do not even realize, that these fish, like turbots and halibuts, they can grow to much larger sizes. However, intensive net catches and heavy pressure from sea anglers led to this, that plaice almost never reach their maximum size. Perfect proof, that it is possible fish may have been caught near Hastings (Great Britain). This plaice, when it finally fell into the fishermen's nets, was equal 10 Kg! If she had been caught with a fishing rod, would immediately double the current English record.

A record-breaking conger: evenly 60,5 Kg!

Brixham – for Vic Evans, an angler specializing in catching congers, it was the most beautiful day of my life. After thirty years of fishing in the sea, he managed to catch a record conger weighing 60,5 Kg. This fish is not only a new England record, but also a new European and world record!
Conger took a small wreck near the bottom of the sea approx 15 km from Brixham. The bait was mackerel. The fight with the fish lasted over half an hour. – I completely lost track of time during the haul – the happy angler comments on his dramatic fight with the fish. Evans was fishing in exceptionally favorable conditions – at the peak of the tide. By the way: the old record in the conger was "only" 51 Kg, so Evans' fish had beaten him by almost ten kilos. The Briton believes, that the congers grow to even larger sizes.
Vic Evans with his "sea monster" – a record-breaking conger with a mass 60,5 Kg.

Oxygen deficiency in Swiss lakes

Zurich – over the past 15 years Swiss lakes have become much cleaner. This is confirmed by studies commissioned by Swiss environmental protection authorities. The main sources of pollution were eliminated thanks to the construction of numerous treatment plants for water flowing into the lakes. In Switzerland, however, there is still a problem of agricultural fertilizers running off. Large amounts of fertilizers fertilize the water in this way, that in some lakes there are periodic oxygen deficiencies in the water. Taking into account phosphorus fertilization, the office for environmental protection divided 20 Switzerland's largest lakes into three groups. Most fertilizers flow into the Luganersee lakes, Lake zug, Lake Sempach, Lake Hallwi-lersee, Greifensee i Baldeggersee. Lake Constance is classified as moderately overfertilized, Lake Zurich, Pfaffikersee, Lake Geneva, Lake Murtensee i Lake Biel. The third group includes the least fertilized lakes. They are Lake Lucerne, Zuricher Obersee, Lake Thun i Lake Brienz, Lake Neuchâtel oraz Langensee.

An empty take with a happy ending.

The pit – the most famous scene from the screen adaptation of the novel "The Old Man and the Sea" by Ernest Hemingway is probably known to everyone. A giant marlin strapped to the side of a boat and dozens of triangular fins circling near sharks – and behold, the first predator suddenly lunges at an easy prey. The old man tries in vain to chase away the voracious beasts with his primitive harpoon. After some time, only a bare skeleton is left of a beautiful marlin. A similar "adventure" has recently also been going on off the coast of Kenya. When hauling a large one aboard, a marlin caught on a fishing rod, a huge mako shark pounced on the tired fish. However, this shark had unimaginable bad luck, for he immediately ran himself on the blade of a gaff stuck in the marlin's body. Chaos, what at that moment was created on board and at the side cannot be described. In the end, the skipper managed, with superhuman effort, to get the two fish aboard. The excited marlin hunter called the whole incident the most wonderful empty taking of his life.

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