Belly Boat – fishing in a circle

Some people only fish with fishing rods, others do it too “with the head”, yet another “with belly”. Almost everyone smirks, when he sees an angler in the lifebuoy for the first time in his life” (Belly Boat). And yet these “ventral boats” have been sold for over 100 years and still becoming more and more popular. In the Fishing Gazette I once found an illustration of an old version of the Belly Boat. This issue was from May 1896 year, The Belly Boat is basically nothing more than a car's inner tube “luxurious” release. Neoprene chest waders guarantee, that they will be dry and warm: “Lifebuoy” and keeps the angler gently afloat, and the fins allow you to move and fish. In the USA, Belly Boats are popular with us, only occasionally one manages to see an enthusiast fishing like this. I do, however, Belly Boat's followers will be much larger. In the United States, with “abdominal boat” mainly salmonids and largemouth bass are caught. We can also use other species of fish, because it is an ideal method for fishing in tanks with a lot of aquatic vegetation. Besides – fishing with this method – such places can be reached, where no boat will enter and you feel pretty good at it. Thanks to the backrest, this wheel is relatively comfortable to use. There are even versions with an electric motor and a sonar “on board”, when the angler does not want to be content with just this, what fate will bring him. In the Netherlands, Belly Boats have a slightly longer tradition and are used for pike and zander fishing. There are also new and very promising opportunities for fly fishermen.

Pretty seriously: fishing with Belly Boat is a lot of fun and enjoyment. So don't laugh prematurely, when you ever see someone drifting on the surface of the water with a fishing rod in hand. The taunts will end soon, when it turns out, that the angler has led many large fish into the field in this way.

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