Little Red Riding Hood for 500.000 Brands

Sittenbach – in Japan, carp are a symbol of good luck, bravery, success and long life. No wonder then, that breeding colored, ornamental varieties of them, has a long tradition. Multicolored ornamental carps were bred from normal carp, wild carps and are called "nishikigoi" in Japan”. Due to this, that Europeans find it difficult to pronounce their name, their abbreviated name is commonly accepted – „Koi”. They are over 120 color variants. Extremely rare color combinations are very sought after by enthusiasts of these fish and then they reach high prices. In Europe, these farmed fish are available on average in price 20-50 DM. Of course, the most beautiful models cost much more. In Germany, there were already transactions of the order 20.000-30.000 brands for fish. In Japan, a hobbyist paid w 1992 year for a unique copy of the amount equal to 500.000 German brands.
This carp had a red cap on a white background” between the eyes (picture), which symbolized the rising sun. With good care, the berths are very “friendly””. In the pond for their breeding should be at least 10 m3 of water, good filter and thermoregulator.

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