Three pikes, two anglers and a nightmare

London – the surname Watson in combination with the name John is very popular in England. Pike hunter and book author John Watson of Norwich felt it this way, which cannot be forgotten. It has been the focus of British fishing magazines to such an extent, that it was making him sleepless.

Here's how it happened. Over the course of two years, a certain John Watson managed to publish the English Angling Times” three times your photos with a giant pike. It was on the lips of the entire British fishing community. However, it definitely ended. The 41-year-old railwayman from Cambridgeshire closed the fishing competition due to the detection of fraud.. It appeared, that each time they were photos with the same pike. Condemned by “Angling Times” the angler tried to defend himself by speaking, that he released the caught fish into the water and the same pike took him again after some time. Soon after that, as the press reported on the incident, Another John Watson's troubles began, the pike specialist from Norwich. He was a participant in many fishing competitions in England. Due to this, that he is aged 40 years and also wears a beard, thought everywhere, that he is the impostor. John z Norwich: “This is a real nightmare for me and explanations are useless”. His new book on pike, selling well, suddenly she began to fall behind in bookstores. because of the surname. “Everyone thinks, I'm the Watson. who printed false stories in the newspapers”. Meanwhile, John of Cambridgeshire continues to argue about his innocence. He wants to "catch a lot of big pikes”, to prove, that he doesn't need lies.

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