A simple carp groundbait

Each, who wants to catch carp not only on the shore, should reach for a ground fishing kit. It doesn't have to be complicated. The author selects lures and leaders according to the principle, that "it couldn't be easier". In fishing articles you can find descriptions of new methods of carp fishing. Seems, that to understand these modern methods in detail, you'd have to have doctorates in mechanics, mathematics and biology. Entire pages are crammed with drawings showing the intricate ways of baiting on fancy systems. There are also photos, depicting the author of the idea together with a large carp, which perfectly confirms the effectiveness of this method. However, there is not a word about it there, was it really the leader that was used for fishing and is it really that indispensable.

This is what a simple ground kit looks like: a weight attached to the carabiner slides on the main line, there is a pearl above the snap hook knot.

“If it can be done in a complicated way, you can probably also and simply " – dawn in the minds of "thinking" anglers. There is also no need to use any special tricks, to successfully catch carp. The whole method of catching carp on the ground is very simple. However, professional fishing, e.g.. roach to the ground is much more complicated. The difficulties involved in catching carp are not of a technical nature, but from relatively few occurrences in water bodies. Apart from that, they rarely forage and it depends on the weather. You have to be lucky, to hit a period of good bites.

If we can locate the carps and have enough time for fishing, then we can use a few simple ways to do this, so that the fishing is successful. The results will not be any worse, than if we used complicated modern techniques. These techniques are mainly invented abroad, where the angling pressure on the water is very high and the carp caught and released again have undergone the appropriate "training". It is then much more effective to use a different bait than to choose a different leader (system).

Lead bomb.

One of the nicer carp fishing methods, it is a float. However, with this method you can only fish with one rod and, unfortunately, only at short distances. Besides, the float reacts badly to the water current and waves.
All these drawbacks can be eliminated by fishing on the ground with a slowly released line. So it is a more versatile method and only causes minor problems then, when we want to fish at a distance not exceeding the length of the rod.
The lead weight should be optimally selected from the many forms offered. Flat weights and olives are cheap. However, they are not thrown very well and they make a lot of noise when falling into the water. You can use them, when fishing short distances and in places with a lot of snags. Pear-shaped weights are best, finished with a carabiner. They allow long casts, and thanks to the carabiner they are easy to replace. Many anglers use rather lighter weights, for me though, they must weigh at least a minimum 20 g. Only such a weight allows you to make an accurate throw – even a relatively heavy carp rod – and does not move when the line is taut. The weight may also slide along the main line, a is blocked by a carabiner on 20-45 cm in front of the hook. A pearl is placed over the carabiner (bead), which protects the knot. Although in this set three knots are made (2 on the carabiner and 1 on the search), it is stronger, than a set with a stopwatch knot, that could move or damage the line. These knots must of course be very good (I use a double buffer knot).

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