Field pikes

The town of Borne Sulinowo a dozen or so years ago was not on our maps, and the branch marked on them from the Szczecinek-Czaplinek railway line seemed to lead nowhere. The base of the Soviet troops, surrounded by a huge training ground, was closely guarded. Fishermen from PGRyb in Czaplinek could only dream of setting up a net in the Piława reservoirs almost reaching Nadarzyce.
Edward – a foreman from the Rybacka Company in the village of Piła recalls, how in the seventies fishermen managed to "tame" a Soviet officer and sneak through Starowice, avoiding a large tuk dotted with numerous watchtowers in Borne, to reach these lagoons. Only two wontons were erected at that time and so many pikes entered, that they hardly fit on a transport trailer. There were seventeen specimens among them- and eighteen kilos! Another time, a similarly "agreed" fishing ended with a forty-eight-hour forced quarantine on the road. When they were returning with the fish, the Red Army men unexpectedly appeared with their Kalashik and said: nielzia! Exercise began, sharp strelajut tanks and cannons. The fishermen heard no roar, but they have fallen away, and they took the fish to hell.

Almost three hundred hectares of lagoons on Piława, which was still dammed by the Germans (in front of 1939 a year there was also a training ground and an artillery school), turned out to be a troublesome "property" for the aforementioned fishing company. Despite, that they abound in fish (mainly in pike and rope), they are a difficult reservoir to fish. There are plenty of sunken trees in shallow and very shallow lagoons, which tear their nets. The wilderness and the vastness of the area made it difficult to guard the pledged students and wontons. Consequently, after various perturbations, I saw a saw with three large reservoirs and one smaller one (above the dam distant from Borne by approx 6 km), Anglers from PZW from that city took possession of it. And beavers, which multiplied in great numbers, especially in the uppermost lagoon. This arrangement seems to be the best for anglers as well, and probably also for beavers… Daniel Obuchowicz – the president of the 200-person circle of the PZW in Bornem Sulinowo is satisfied, that such attractive fisheries fell to fishermen. The PZW fishing guard is already operating. Next year, we will try to provide additional restocking of the lagoons – says the president of the circle. It also emphasizes good cooperation with the local forest inspectorate, which gave anglers the attractive lake Berlin, located nearby in the woods. I would not be myself, if I hadn't had a look there (and a wobbler). pike, and it is splendid, there is a lot in all lagoons, but the biggest fish are usually caught in the large reservoir closest to Nadaować. Local and foreign anglers find art 8-9 keel. Mostly, however, not for spinning, only live. Big, the dimensional roach or perch is it here, what the slim people like the most.

Spinning – as I said, it is difficult. The deepest places, up to two or three meters are located in the former Piława river bed, mostly far from the coast. Therefore, it is difficult to catch them precisely, even wading. Second page (tj. western, farther away from the road, it is usually deeper), but how to get there? The only cure for this may be a boat or a pontoon that you bring. Another drawback: cotton-like wisps of algae stick to the hooks of the wobblers at almost every cast. However, if they do not stick, there is a chance, that my floating rapalka will tempt some catfish. And actually, tempts from time to time…

I found the stretch of Piława near the aforementioned damming very attractive. You shouldn't fish right next to it – the PZW regulations prohibit this! Below the dam, the Piława stream is quite densely covered with undulating weeds. I would say a trout stream. So much, that instead of trout in weed, pikes hide in the current and under the banks. Maybe not the greatest, but there are plenty of them.

This is where this case happened to me: on the other bank a pike on the edge of its dimension took me, maybe a bit smaller. I see, that it is slightly hooked, it hangs on the rear hook of the wobbler. I think, that it will detach itself, so I am in no rush to pull out the fish. But what is this? From a clump of seaweed, almost from under my feet, a two-kilo pike comes out and tries to catch the tail of it, which I have on the fishing rod. I was stunned. However, the pike was not stunned, because he saw me and gave up his conquest. Piława is clearly chipped in this section and there is little general cargo in it – I think. The river a few hundred meters above the dam is even more interesting. Pretty deep, wide, dark, slow flowing. And littered with fallen trees as thick as telegraph poles. This is the work of the beavers. You can't think of what thick trees beavers cut! They live here not in lodges, but in the pits beneath the banks, and many of them.

Dark forest, the slopes on which the autumn trees are filled with real fairy-tale trees. Trunks blown into the river by beavers, and below them pike. And the wilderness. Could there be anything more delightful for an angler-trapper??

Borne Sulinowo is today a city of pioneers. Its inhabitants are distinguished by the fantasy and shared experience of successes and failures of this young community. The local anglers and those few who come here can count on a lot of emotions in the proving grounds.

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