Pike like a crocodile

Scott Miller is one of the best animal formulators in the US. Miller's craftsmanship is shown in his studio in all the exhibits there, that look alive. They hang on the walls, next to hunting trophies, crafted salmon. trout, grayling, perch and many others.

During the organized sale of specimens, I noticed a fish, whose mouth resembles! crocodile snout, and the rest of the body resembled a pike. Byt to „Garfish”, fish from the bony pike family and belongs to the so-called. living "fossils". These fish lived in larger populations before 70-220 millions of years. Few species of bony fish have survived to our time. Those that are left are being found in America today (3 species) and in China (2 species). They live primarily in the lakes of the upper Mississippi River system and in Mexican rivers. "Garfish short-nosed” reaches length up to 180 Cm. Fish – the alligator is a giant among the Garfish found in Mexico. It grows up to 360 cm in length. Bony pikes inhabit mainly slowly flowing rivers and stagnant waters. They are predators, just like our native pikes. Their body is covered with scale armor, formed from the gaplessly joined scales. The scales of this fish do not overlap, just like other fish. Some North American Indian tribes used the hard shells of bone pike for arrowheads.

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