Birthday wishes – how to fold them?

Birthday wishes – how to fold them?

A birthday is a celebration that celebrates the day you were born. This is an important moment for most people. Wrong, adoption, inviting guests and birthday wishes, are often obligatory elements of celebrating a jubilee. The children are looking forward to it the most, thirsty for fun and gifts.

The tradition of celebrating birthdays

The tradition of celebrating the anniversary of birth, dates back to Ancient Rome. It was believed then, that every man is born with his genius, that is, a semi-divine being, which makes him fertile, guides his fate and brings good luck. It was the genius that the sacrifices were made on birthday. Christians did not like this tradition, cutting myself off from her, they introduced name day, that is a holiday in honor of the godfather patron. However, as you can see, celebration of the anniversary of birth, has survived to this day, even though it has nothing to do with genius now.

Making a birthday wish

Birthday wishes it is a nice gesture towards the birthday boy. It is not known exactly, where did the custom of folding them come from?. It is probably based on a belief in it, that words have great power and power spoken, they will come true for sure. How can to pass on birthday wishes? There are several possibilities, np.:

  • orally,
  • sending a greeting card,
  • by phone,
  • via the internet.

Whether, how words of memory are transmitted, their content is important. Thrown in a hurry “all the best”, it is not tactless to pass a birthday party on the street. However, when it is possible to think them over before writing, or coming to a party, better to do it. Birthday wishes should make, that the celebrating person will feel appreciated and special. It is worth avoiding clichés, refer to the dreams of the birthday boy, his goals and desires, what he likes to do and what he is interested in. Important, that they were only positive words and they were not difficult, life situations (you can not wish someone, in order to “finally lost weight” the “he wiser”). Wishes don't have to be long (especially when there is a line to submit them) but neither should they be short and laconic. You should also pay attention to the form of giving cordiality and who is the addressee. Birthday greetings addressed to a friend are unlikely to be suitable for giving to grandma or the boss.

Birthday it's a special day, wherein kind words can bring a lot of joy and smile to the jubilarian. It's worth your time, for their reflection.


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