What time of the year and time of the day to fish for carp

What time of the year to fish for carp

Basic methods of carp fishing equipment: A - typical set, designed for water with a relatively hard bottom B., C - for more muddy waters.

Comparison of theoretically objective premises for the optimal period of carp fishing with the balance sheet 834 medal-winning carp from many European fisheries (see table below), leads to surprising conclusions, and the mean values ​​clearly differ from the individual outcomes. The legitimacy of common opinions, typical carp fishing season is August and September, only data from Slovakia and Hungary confirm, where most of them are caught during this period – according to after 47% year-round catch of this species. In Hungary, September is particularly record-breaking 31 % year-round fishing. In other lands – in the Czech republic, Poland and East Germany – the seasonality of carp fishing is much less visible, and the disproportion in relation to the conditions, e.g.. Slovak is clear, especially when you take into account the effectiveness of fishing at the beginning of the season. However, the separate legal provisions in force must be taken into account; very low catches in Slovakia in May (just 5,7%, while in East Germany 20,4%, and in Poland up to 29,7%) of course, this should not be explained by the lack of interest in carp.

Tim,that the catch balance is not entirely as predicted, we should not worry. Contrary, we should actually enjoy it, because it proves the possibility of evenly distributing the pressure of anglers throughout the season, also when fishing for carp. What should disappoint us the most is the conclusion that the conclusions about the very low effectiveness of carp fishing in autumn, which can be found in the summary. And yet it is time of "goth summer” in October, when, after cooling down at night, the beautiful ones arise, almost summer, sunny days seem perfect for fishing of this species. The carp then frantically finishes its preparations for winter and refuses to be asked twice. Optimists should definitely not put their carp rods away, even after Indian summer is over – ba, you can achieve success even under thin ice!

What is interesting in this comparison is the balanced weight of carp caught throughout the season, though one might expect, that the autumn gains will be clearly heavier.

The effectiveness of carp catching depending on the season

What time of the day to fish for carp

The question posed may seem naive and unnecessary at all. Why discuss this problem, since the conclusions from our considerations so far are unambiguous: in summer, you should fish early in the morning and before dusk, and in autumn also during the day. However, the extremely different data we find in the catch statement, they force us to consider the problem more thoroughly.

The effectiveness of catching carp at different times of the day

The incredibly low efficiency of morning carp fishing – np. in the Czech Republic and Slovakia only 10%, a in Hungary 16% caught fish – in no way are we going to use it as an argument against the popular view that the morning catch is advisable. The increased feeding activity of carp in the morning cannot be denied. Let's try to explain it, e.g.. the convenience of anglers, their lower frequency in the fisheries in the morning. The data in the “Day”: average 42%, and in the Czech Republic and Slovakia even 64% fishing. These numbers are meaningful enough, that they exclude randomness. We can explain them, e.g.. so, that the food activity of carp is more evenly distributed during the day than we think. However, when drawing conclusions, one should not go to extremes, the presented data should not be treated as dogmas and should not switch to carp fishing (primarily) during the day.

Evening fishing with 29% effectiveness are more or less in line with expectations and this effectiveness is also achieved thanks to a much higher frequency of anglers than in the early morning. (The difference of values ​​from the column "Night” – until 18% in Hungary and only 2% in the Czech Republic and Slovakia results from the prohibition of fishing in the area after. 24.00). The time of day has little influence on the weight of the caught fish.

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