How to get equipped

The gradual expansion of the range of fishing articles on the market is bringing to those interested, next to understandable joy, also many new problems. And yet a good understanding of the widely diversified equipment offer and the choice of only that, what is actually functional and needed, really is not a trifle. Until recently, we did not have such problems either 3-4 types of rods, which sometimes appeared on store shelves (more often, however, they were not) we could easily 'choose” one universal spinning stick, there was also a choice of carp rods – two or three sections. We would probably be in indescribable chaos in our heads, if we had to suddenly find out about the current offer, because only one company today offers more than three hundred rods or 220 reels, not to mention the other little things (company Balzer)!

There is no sense in trying to replace product catalogs with the description of technical and technological parameters of individual types of equipment. It will be more expedient to try to orientate the fishermen in the circle of issues related to the correct and functional selection of equipment. (We choose this solution even at the cost of exposing ourselves to suspicion of conservatism. However, we want to warn anglers, that they never let themselves be fooled by the superlatives of advertising slogans, which prompts you to buy – in collector's scarves – “Cat in a poke”. In many cases, it is simply about extorting money). Technical progress will be fully taken into account here, which is expressed both in the improvement of fishing technique, as well as in improving individual elements of the equipment. The keynote of this chapter is to advise, How to equip a versatile angler with the current state of fishing technology and a multitude of varieties of fishing equipment; request, which we set for ourselves is, have to admit, very ambitious.

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