November fishing crossword

HORIZONTAL:1 Skarpa fish from the flatfish family; 2 pilot, fish from the horse mackerel family;3. object holder; 4 beets with horse radish; 5 with the capital in Delhi; 6…..comedy ”in the title of the piece by Krasiński; 8 left tributary of the central Vistula; 9 high male voice; 10 in a proverb: to the grain and there will be a scoop "; 11 a city in Spain in the north. from Madrid.

A …rock, sole. – big man; B organic compounds (humic), humic acid derivatives; C herbal extract; D Arab nomad; And Józef (1862-1937), zoologist., prof. University of Warsaw; F a migratory fish; G shaker; H carrying case; And a row of herringfish in a row; J glutton; K famous sea bathing site in New Zealand (an anagram of KARAOA).

Letters from fields marked with numbers, ordered from 1 into 15 will form a solution,

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