Stop time – Biebrza marshes

Biebrza marshes, a refuge for many species of birds, animals and fish, unique on a European scale, For two years now, they have been a national park covering a huge area of ​​the Biebrza valley, from Wizna to the border with Belarus (without the so-called. its lagging area is approx. 56 thousand. he has).

Peat bogs covered with sedges with a forest of rustling reeds and picturesque clumps of birches characteristic of the Biebrza landscape, especially beautiful in a golden robe, autumn trees are the natural habitat of the moose. On the Biebrza flooded with spring water, Eggs, Millions of birds celebrate their mating season in Ełk and Wissy meadows and peat bogs, among them, battalions rarely found elsewhere. In countless oxbow lakes and deep river cavities, beautiful pikes hide – and getting rarer already – sums of several dozen kilos. Unfortunately, in the last dozen or so years, the process of very rapid degradation of the Biebrza marshes and the Biebrza itself and its tributaries has intensified. Establishment of the Biebrza National Park – the most correct decision for the reasons mentioned above – it means the introduction of certain restrictions for anglers. The already visible restoration of the fish stock should be the compensation. I was told, that this summer, among others. Shoals of tiny pikes have been observed in Biebrza. Perhaps such a large pike population was favored by this year's weather and the appropriate water level in the spawning grounds, however I believe, that the presence of park rangers over the waters was also important, which clearly "discouraged" poachers from catching pike during spawning. Restrictions for anglers include the prohibition of fishing in some areas, time constraints and license fees. Jegrznia from Ciszewo until its connection with the Ełk River became completely inaccessible to anglers. In Ełk (also called Łęg, and by the local drug) fishing from this connection is not allowed (along with the Woźnawiejski canal) until its estuary to Biebrza. Biebrza itself is inaccessible to anglers in the section from the old road bridge in Osowiec to the mouth of the Wissa River (Avissy). The attractive Palowa Jama located in this area is therefore completely inaccessible to anglers.

In my memories there are still vivid fishing and trapper trips up the Łęg by boat. I was drawn like a magnet by mysterious deep cavities on the so-called. Cichy Łeku and Na Cichej Jegrznia. I also remember Jama Bez Dna on Jegrznia below Ciszewa, over which I had a wonderful adventure with a magnificent pike and a beautiful harrier, where I experienced a nightmarish raid of bugs as large as half a thumb, from which I ran blindly with my jacket tightly wrapped around my eyes, face and neck.
Probably the ban on the use of combustion engines for boats introduced in the Biebrza National Park or the need to have a license, and finally the later than elsewhere starting the fishing season due to the breeding of birds will certainly contribute to better protection of the local fauna and flora and will reduce trampling on the Biebrza Valley. It would also be good if the criminal habit of burning dry reeds in the spring by the local population was uprooted.. Many times, after fires in reed beds near Goniądz and Dawidowizna, I have seen nests of lapwings consumed by fire, ducks, battalions and other birds.

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