How to fish with an artificial fly even in the fastest current?

"Fast water" deters many fly fishermen. Roger Wust is careful, it's a mistake. Having mastered the appropriate fishing technique, you can effectively fish with an artificial fly even in the fastest current.
Fast water is a term that is often used by many fly fishermen. Usually, places with fast currents are quite shallow (for example, rapids prior to infusion into a deeper well, narrowing of the river, sections below the water thresholds) and they don't look very inviting. Apart from that, in rapids it is rarely possible to observe fish coming out to the surface, thus, the fly fisherman lacks one of the most important incentives for the precise fishing of a given site.
Despite this, the sections of "fast water" are for me one of the most attractive places in the river. However, we can only count on success in rapids after mastering the appropriate technique of fishing with an artificial fly.

Close observation

Even when observing the "fast water" very carefully, it is rare to notice fish coming out to the surface. However, one should not jump to conclusions immediately, even if in calm water below a nearby hole, time and time again there are circles showing that they are feeding well. It does not mean that, that there are no fish in the rapids. Trout and grayling standing in "fast water."” they also regularly go out to the raised fauna, and the joke is there, which I already mentioned, it's very hard to see. The current of the water is simply too fast and the characteristic circles of drought are not formed on the surface. Only a careful observation of the previously selected place allows one to sometimes observe a short silver flash that indicates the presence of a trout. The fast current of the water forces the fish to react immediately. Or they decide to catch the floating insect right away, or in a moment it will be too late. Due to this, that in rapids out of ten outgoing fish we can observe at most one, we often get the wrong impression, that there is no point in fishing with a dry fly in such places.

A way to catch the suspected fish sites in the rapids before pouring them into the hole.

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