You can also fish for mormyshka with a match stick

Mormyszka is associated with fishing with a fishing rod under the ice. You can also fish for mormyshka with a match stick. Dmitri Balitchew invented a special bite indicator.

For a mormyshka, the smallest possible artificial bait, you can fish effectively not only from ice. Unfortunately, only a few colleagues specialize in this method of fishing. Reason: none of the bite indicators are sensitive enough, to signal good bites. An ultra-thin winkelpicker tip would be pretty good, if not for this, that it is a bit too short - the mormyshka is usually led shortly at the tip height, which makes it no longer responding so well to bites. Bite indicators, popular in Russia, mounted to the rod tip at right angles, make it very difficult for the line to descend freely. Landing a big fish (with lowering the line) using this type of indicator is almost impossible. In addition, a minor modification of the stick is also necessary, and many anglers don't really like DIY.

Monolithic tip

After many experiments, I was finally able to make a bite indicator that allows you to quickly adapt any rod to fishing with mormyshka.. Condition: the rod tip must have a thread. The ideal type of rod is a match stick (distance) four to five meters long and with a fairly stiff action.
The bite indicator for fishing with a long mormyshka rod was made on the basis of a quivering tip screwed into the rod tip. I only used the lower part (about 8 cm in length) with threaded screw, I cut the rest off. At the end of the indicator, I attached a top grommet. I extend the shortened quiver tip with a piece of stiff and thick monolithic line.

The length and diameter of the fishing line depend on the weight of the mormyshki used. For fishing with the smallest mormyshka I use, for example, a 7 cm fishing line kiwak with a diameter of 0,60 millimeters.

Vibrations and bending

One end of the cut line is attached to the shortened quiver tip with a thread, and then I coat the entire wrapping. I stick the smallest possible tip via the other end and the kiwak is ready for use.

A few more words about the bites themselves – they are usually visible as vibrations or bending of the line - the beacon. Sometimes, however, the taking fish lifts the bait up and it looks like this, as if the bait was accidentally nudging the bottom (the line becomes loose, the bite indicator straightens and stops). In such situations, you should always be lightning fast, though with a lot of sensitivity to jam.

The author considers, that for fishing with mormyshka (for example, perch like in the photo) also a match rod is suitable.
A special bite indicator is required for this fishing technique.
All the necessary extras, tj. a supply of mormyshka and a bite indicator screwed into the tip of a match stick, fit in one small box.
Mormyshka can be caught even in technically difficult places, np. near that dry tree.

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