Fishing with ice spoon

Fishing with ice spoon

Fishing with ice spoonFishing with ice spoon

The essence of this method consists in alternately lowering and lifting the bait vertically. You can fish in this way only in sufficiently deep waters (it is related to this, that in winter the fish mostly pull to the depths) through holes drilled in ice.

It is appropriate short (regular length: min. 30 Cm) quite a hard rod equipped with the simplest reel. The bait should be freely lowered to the bottom, and then pick her up with energetic movements. We raise the bait at least as high as 50-60 cm with short breaks – after 3-5 seconds, when the lure falls freely, we repeat the movement. Sometimes it is effective to bring the bait to the same height, instead of one move, in a series of short movements following one after another. At other times, it may be effective to shake the bait in one place, possibly changing individual methods of conduct. If the fish catches on lifting, we feel this taking clearly; the fish can also jam by itself. The problem, however, is noticing a bite in the free fall phase of the lure; then we can only observe the movement of the line and the jam must be immediate, because the predator will recognize the trick very quickly and will leave the bait.

Among the special lures for ice fishing we can distinguish spinners, mormyszki, Zocker lures etc..

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