The sixth sense of carp fishing

Good equipment is not enough to catch carp. Great perceptiveness combined with intuition will show the angler a good fishery. We often fish like this. how we got used to, without much thinking. We use the same bait all the time, groundbait, the same set. We do not pay attention to the most important aspect, namely the location of the fish. The right fishery. choosing the right equipment, lures and fishing technique have a decisive influence on success. It has already been proven many times, it's better to fish for two hours there, where are the carps, than 24 hours in place, which is avoided by them. You should always fish in places, where the carp most often stay. There are two types of such places:
(1) Places, in which carp find their natural food.
Carps willingly and very often visit places rich in natural food. They are e.g.. Mosquito larvae 'nests' and clam colonies. This natural food is available to carp in huge amounts. Let's try to find such a place, and your fishing success will be guaranteed. Underwater "granaries” full of food can be seen relatively easily from the shore. These are usually branches reaching the water, sunken trees, islands, clumps of vegetation, bridges over canals and rivers, wooden piles dams and other varied places near the shore.
We should also observe places with interest, where the reeds grow. Carps find here shallow and warm water. shelter and plenty of natural food. The disadvantage of all the above-mentioned fisheries is the fact. that there is a high risk of losing the fish during the haul.

(2) Places, in which carps have "learned" to eat. Having established the carp's migration route, you can prepare a well-fed spot lying in their path. Carps will learn to visit them quickly.
You can proceed in the following way over unknown water. We look for a place with natural carp food or create such feeding grounds by attracting them in the right way. Of course, it is most advantageous to attract at the place where carp are naturally feeding. To achieve the intended goal, it is necessary to observe the water reservoir. Carp knows its "dining rooms."” well and our goal is to find them. However, it is not that simple.

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