Side load

A lead weight on the sideline is known to most ground anglers. This method of loading can also be used in the float method. Such a set will be perfect for catching barbel and chub in running water. The leader is connected to the main line through a carabiner. To his top circle” a piece of fishing line is tied, which will act as a side strap.
It should have less strength than the main one. The float is balanced by clamping an appropriate amount of lead pellets on the side line. Such a set is perfect for fishing with the passerine while pulling the bait on the bottom. It has two advantages. Firstly, it is possible to change the load quickly and easily. Secondly, if the lead gets caught on the bottom, only the more delicate line of the side strand breaks off.
The float set with side load is well suited for fishing, in running water to a bait pulled along the bottom.

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