Which time of year and day is optimal for grass carp fishing

Which season of the year is optimal for grass carp fishing

We will answer this question using the list below 222 fishing in four countries:

Efficiency of catching grassroots in individual months

The effects of fishing (% pcs.) in individual months
State IV V WE VII VIII IX X XI Together


Slovakia 10,0 35,0 40,0 5,0 5,0 5,0 50
Hungary 6,4 6,4 11,5 14,1 42,3 11,5 7,7 78
Poland 3,6 10,7 32,1 32,1 19,6 8,9 3,6 56
Germany 15,8 10,5 21,0 39,5 5,3 2,6 5,3 38
Together % pcs. 10,9 13,5 25,5 35,2 7,8 3,8 3,5 222

The presented data is in line with the popular view, that grass carp is a fish as thermophilic as carp. Therefore, the optimal time of catching it falls on the warmest summer months: for June and July, when the vast majority of these fish are caught – 60,7%. Spring and fall are less favorable.

In this momentous matter, however, let us take a position that contradicts the convincing meaning of the numbers. The research have shown, that grass carp is much less sensitive to cold than carp. It turned out, that in spring it starts to eat up to a month earlier than carp (as soon as the water warms up to 6-7 °C), similarly, in autumn the period of foraging activity ends well after carp. The data presented in the summary are fully consistent with the seasonality of carp catch, it is therefore another 'corpus delicti”, proof of it, that you usually catch grass carp by accident.

The condition for better use of grass carp is the extension of the hunting season, as long as the weather and water conditions allow it.

What time of the day to fish for grass carp

Our amura fishing list makes it possible, at least indicative, answer to the question posed. Here, however, it is appropriate to express regret, that lucky trophy winners do not provide this vital information when posting data about them. In this case, we only have data from Hungary:

Time of day and the effectiveness of grass carp fishing (64 art)

Number of fish caught at a given time (w %)
Morning Day Evening Night
% caught fish 21,9 46,9 25,0 6,2
kg / st. 14,1 15,4 14,2 14,6

Traditional opinions, that the fish follow a constant daily rhythm that is characterized by – on the one hand – morning and evening foraging activity and – On the other hand – passivity during the day are, as our data shows, “Turned upside down”. Almost 47 % the assessed prey was caught during the day, which excludes the amur's intraday passivity and testifies to it, that and this fish (similar to carp et al.) you can fish with equal success all day long. What's more, the weight of fish caught during the day is slightly more than those caught at other times. And in the summer you can fish – in accordance with the regulations in force in the Czech Republic – by 20 hours a day. It really should be enough.

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