Fishing in high summer

Predatory fish can be caught even in the hottest heat. You only need to take advantage of the fact, that in summer pike and perch eat fish brooding.
One August afternoon, I was spinning in my favorite lake. The sun was still beating mercilessly, not a single cloud in the sky, the shores are full of bathers, and I felt so lazy, I didn't even feel like rowing. My boat drifted slowly along the reed belt. Fortunately, that there was a minimal breeze.
As usual, I watched it with interest, what is happening in the water and I made a few throws without much faith in my success. Tiny circles on the surface of the water near the shore revealed the presence of countless numbers of this year's fry.
A sudden jerk snapped me out of my reverie. A dimensional pike attacked my centrifuge literally among fish bustling beneath the surface. In the landing net, the predator spat out a few slightly etched fry. None of the fish had more than 2 Cm.
From that moment on, I started focusing on spinning. And although there was no sign of predator feeding, that day I caught pike and perch at will. These were not specimens, ot barely dimensional pikes and,perches from 15 into 30 cm in length, but for this I did not wait more than ten minutes.
Predators attacked my bait near or under shoals of general fish. And always right on the shore; sometimes even in the distance 10 meters from the bathing people.
The bites ended in a moment, as the sun hid below the horizon..
The evening breeze rippled the surface of the water and I was no longer able to locate the places where the broods were concentrated, and thus also predators.
The fry often look for shade near sunken trees or bushes. He instinctively senses a fishy little thing, that death awaits them in the open water in the maws of predators.

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