Where big pikes sunbathe

Toronto – I love fishing for pike in Canada, not only because of the large number of pike, that can be caught there. The most fun for me is outsmarting with a centrifuge, a large individual wobbler or streamer, previously spotted just below the water's surface. In the spring of northern Canada, this is mid-June, large pikes gather in shallow places, where the water heats up faster. You might believe, that the fish are sunbathing and this is not at all strange, since they spent 7 the 8 months under the ice cap. Often in such shallow places the water is swarming with pike.

Once, in such a situation, I immediately threw the spinning rod and after a few seconds I was taking a medium.

The water surface during the lobby looks like this, as if she wanted to explode. It can be seen, that the largest specimens escape towards deeper water.

After catching a large number of "normal” of pikes are starting to dream bigger, real blocks already, not so easy to catch. Instead of immediate casting, after reaching the fishery, I let the boat drift freely and look for the biggest pikes through my polarized glasses. After locating such a giant, I try to tempt it with a centrifuge or streamer. These are the moments of the greatest tension and anticipation - he will take the bait, or not?

There are days like that, that these colossi do not want absolutely nothing, of course there are also such, which snap their mouths beautifully. I had such a day once in Wholdaia Lake in the western territory of Canada. Together with Bill Tenney, my companion on this trip, we found an overgrown bay with lots of reeds and pike in the depth 20 Cm(!). Never before have I seen 10 kg logs in their natural habitat from such a close range. Among them, I noticed one unique specimen. It was with great emotion that I threw the “Bass-Killer” before the mouth of this dream-like fish. I saw it with my own eyes, like a pike, he turned slowly and grabbed the flowing centrifuge. The water exploded. The hauling out of reeds and vegetation was not easy at all, but these are the most beautiful moments for an angler. After 10 minutes the fish was already in the boat. Length 121 cm and mass 13 kg placed the specimen on 3 the site of my private list of records in Canada. As for the emotions delivered, this pike was taken absolutely 1 place. I hope, that this fish is still enjoying the sun and will be even bigger, when I visit Canada again.

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