What time of the year to catch chub and what lures to use

What time of the year to catch chub and what lures to use

In constant pursuit of food, feeling an unsatisfied appetite, the chub cannot be upset by any unfavorable external factors, even water clearly cooled in winter, so its year-round catch can be recommended. Each season brings something new, everyone is curious, attractive and probably no other fish provides anglers with such a variety of opportunities for sports self-realization. You can propose, for example. May beetle fishing, just after – in June – catch for cherries, strawberries and other fruits, on grasshoppers in summer, in the fall for a dead fish (fish tail), in winter, poultry intestines can be used as bait, and at the beginning of the season – red worms.

We dare to discuss the problems of chub fishing without even using a catch chart. Order of effectiveness of individual lures (and therefore also the methods of fishing) could be as follows: earthworms, fish, cake, spinner, stone fruit, larvae of aquatic and terrestrial insects, guts of domestic animals – liver, spleen, lungs, but also lard, melted and yellow (soaked in milk) to be, soft types of sausage, potatoes, steamed or soaked wheat grains, Groats, corn, peas, bread and bread crust, leech, turkish snack, ogonki fish, poultry intestines (also with content), artificial fly, spring and summer beetles, grasshoppers, crickets, larger species of insects.

Baits for catching chub can be divided into two groups – for universal and seasonal lures. The first group is more numerous and contains such food components, with which the chub meets throughout the year (resin and spinners with artificial fish, dead fish, aquatic insect larvae, earthworms, including red worms, bread, grain, potatoes, animal guts, etc.) – both as with natural food, as well as with objects, that were accidentally in the water.

All types of artificial flies are equally effective for catching chub, as well as smaller types of spinners.

The group of seasonal lures includes such ingredients, with which the chub comes into contact only at certain times of the year, np. at the time of mating beetles or similar insects, during the ripening of stone fruit near streams, etc.. The presented division of lures must be strictly adhered to. Although, we can count on the sufficient effectiveness of universal lures and e.g.. we could also successfully use earthworms in the season of beetles or cherries, but it is wiser to use the earthworms to catch other fish, and on chubs, use seasonal bait first.

The most interesting catch is the cockchafer (data in cm)

When selecting lures from the second group, you need to remember about the essence of their seasonality, know why their use is effective in a given period. Chub is not always fooled by frozen cherries in August. Perhaps under the condition of intensive and long-lasting baiting. Then, however, we have equally effective plums. Likewise, it makes no sense to transport sweet cherries from the lowlands to the foothills, where they begin to mature a few weeks later.

Chub can be caught just as effectively on the bottom, but especially above him, at different water levels, even directly on the surface or just below it.

Possible "angling high school diploma"” one could only pass in one subject - chub catch. It would not be an easy exam, and the examined person would have to master the full set of fishing methods - from classic fly fishing to spinning with the use of artificial and natural baits, various variants of fishing on the bottom with and without load, fishing with a float in any water depth, fishing with holding and classic flow, fishing with a float” etc.. To, whether the appropriate method was used (the result will testify to this) it is also related to the selection of the bait, season, and not without significance is the need for regular changes. Chub belongs to very clever fish and changing the methods of fishing is more effective in catching it than when fishing for other species..

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