Trout lake

A set for fishing in a trout lake: with "centrifuge" vane” or without (Lynx. 1 i 2). A set for fishing from the ground (Lynx. 3). In Poland, these methods of fishing and the use of live bait for trout fishing are prohibited.

Many people think, that fish in trout lakes always bite without any problem. However, this is not true. When fishing in such a tank, you need to find the right way, to outsmart the fish. I present three methods here, which have brought me good results in trout lake. I use a medium-sized water ball as a float, which I fill three-quarters with water. I thread it on the main line, like sea anglers catching flatfish, a tiny wing from a spinner. It has the ability to move freely on the line between the water ball and the lead pellet that keeps them on the line. 3-5 cm above the hook (Lynx. 1).
I put live bait on the hook, I set the desired ground and cast it.
Keep the line at right angles to the rod and reel it on with a slow and steady movement. In case of a bite, loosen the line, let the water ball sink and then jam. For the second method, I use the same set, but without the centrifuge blade. In a distance of 0.5 into 1 m above the hook, a pellet with a mass is attached to the line 2 g (Lynx. 2). I put a red worm or grain weevil larva on the hook.
When the line is wound, the bait rotates around its axis, which prompts the fish to bite. As bait, you can also use small fish with a length of. 3 Cm. The fish is threaded on the hook through the tail with a special needle. This type of lure is best pulled towards you by jumping. In the third set, a weight is threaded on the line 10 lead head with lug. The stopwatch on the fishing line stops him at a distance 50 cm from the hook. First put a polystyrene ball on the hook, and then the white worms. Such a combination causes, that white worms float above the bottom thanks to the polystyrene and are a good stimulus for lake trout to bite. You fish with the bow open; it starts, when the fish starts stroking the line.

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