Cod catch – Norway – Lofoten

Lofoten - the cradle of North Sea cod. Nowhere in Europe are there such abundant cod fisheries, as in the vicinity of the Lofoten Islands. A few weeks are enough for Norwegian fishermen, to catch 15 times more cod, than our fishermen catch in a year.

When fishing for cod in Lofoten, the traveling cycle of this fish is used, which, between January and March, stretches in millions of pieces from the Barents Sea between Spitzbergen and the New Earth towards the West Fjord. You, between the Lofoten Islands and the Norwegian mainland, they mate their cods. On an area no bigger than the city of Hamburg, they crowd during spawning in kilometers, on meters high shoals. When the spring sun rises higher and higher on the horizon, the cod go back to the North Sea. However, there is always enough of these fish left, guaranteeing anglers excellent catches during the summer. At that time because, they eat everything that is edible and what they encounter – unlike winter, when they are "in love" and have no appetite.
I was in Lofoten in winter. Attention: during this period, it was not possible to hire a boat that was safe enough for fishing in windy weather.
As I mentioned it was windy, cold and the fish were not picking on my pilker. No, winter is the time for professional net fishermen. I have visited Lofoten many times after that, and my work – it is worth coming here in summer! It is most beautiful to fish in front of a vertical one, more than 1000 m high wall of the Lofoten, midnight, in the light of the non-sunset sun (from June 1 to July 15). It is warm here until the end of August (20°C) and the sea, raging winter, it is as smooth as a mirror in summer.
To our full happiness, we only need to rent one of the houses with a boat. These houses are on stakes, right on the water, so that jumping out of bed we get straight into the boat and off we go! Interesting fishing grounds can be reached even by rowing boat, not too far from the shore, but only the use of a motorboat opens a real paradise for the soul of fishermen. Not only the sizeable cod, coming to 60 Kg (mostly 2-3 Kg) they are taking in these areas, but also nice specimens of plaice, haddock and other species of fish. At the end of July, large shoals of mackerel also arrive in the vicinity of Lofoten. Cod is a fish, which does not always take with the same verve. At low tide or hot weather, the waters of the Lofoten seem almost extinct, nothing is happening here, as if there were no fish! However, when the sun approaches the horizon and the tide of the sea begins, or the sky is covered with clouds, then it is lunch time for cod. The best fishing areas are all along the western fjord from Soervagen in the south to Svolvaer, the most important city in the north of the Lofoten Islands. Sea narrowings in the vicinity of the Sound, Napp and Kleppstad are also very good fishing grounds and almost as interesting as the fjords themselves. The beautiful Troll fjord in the northern part of Lofoten near Raftsund lies between high rocks, which seem to cut off this picturesque area from the rest of the world. There is an isthmus there, only one ship can pass through it. It is an unforgettable sight and a great experience for nature lovers.

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