Fishing for pike from the bank

Many anglers are careful, that successfully fishing for pike without a boat is almost impossible. Are you sure? There is a way that you can successfully catch these predators also from the shore.
"Where's your boat?” – Many colleagues I met by the water greeted me with this question, when, with a pike in my hand, I was walking along the shore of the lake, river or canal. There was nothing surprising in this, anyway, since most of the photos are clearly visible, I'm sitting in a boat, and sometimes I even hold a large pike in my hands. But don't jump to conclusions too quickly! I don't always lose my footing. For example, in small bodies of water or watercourses, it is not needed at all. Even without a boat, I have no problems with catching the most attractive pike spots. When stalking I can get close to the fish unnoticed, I don't waste time launching the boat either. So sometimes I pop over to my favorite channel even during my lunch break during working hours. But let me start with the big fisheries, and the methods of fishing in smaller waters are to be discussed later in this article. Are you such fishermen, who can wait patiently all day long for one single catch of a big pike? if so, then you should definitely try fishing from the shore in some big lake sometime. Why? If only for this reason, that boat fishing in the middle of a lake is not always fun. After all, no one likes to be exposed to strong gusts of wind, keep swaying, not to mention hours, sitting still on a hard bench, unhealthy for the spine. Sometimes fishing from a boat is forbidden in some body of water or it is not possible to rent water equipment.

Hills or peninsulas.

When fishing from the shore, only one thing determines your success – we must fish these places carefully, where pikes are looking for food. Attractive pike fisheries are located, for example, on the border of aquatic vegetation or on slopes extending far into the lake of peninsulas. Clearly shallow water in deeper places, popular hills, they are also good fishing grounds. If there is a bridge between the two main fields of the lake, it is in such a narrowing where big pikes always stand.

There is only one but – how to find such characteristic places under water? If boat fishing is not allowed in a particular water area, Fortunately, no one can forbid us to swim only. In an unfamiliar fishery, I first go out in a boat for reconnaissance and using an echo sounder or an ordinary probe on a string, I get to know the depth and shape of the bottom. Of course, I swim very close to the shore then, so that later I could easily add the bait there. If I can't work out a new fishery from a boat, I use a sounding kit and learn about a given body of water by making a series of control throws from the shore. When fishing from the bank, we should always focus on the leeward side of the reservoir. Who does not follow this rule, I guess he had never tried to throw a dead herring against a force of wind on a float set before 7 degrees on the Boufort scale…

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