An eel on the heart

Mr. Jens Delbruegger from Osnabrueck describes eel fishing with unusual bait. It catches eels with great success in the River Hase and in the surrounding canals, using whole poultry hearts as bait. The advantage of this bait compared to the grubs is that, that they never take shoelaces on it”. There aren't many strikes, though, but the caught eels are always heavier than those normally fished with worms.
Fresh hearts are best for this, because they contain a lot of blood. This blood creates a strong scent streak in the water. To increase blood streaking, should cut off the top, the fat part of the heart. The frozen hearts are immersed in fish oil before use. Very gamey” "Pilchard" fragrances turned out to be here (sardine) i „Hering” (Herring).

Due to the hardness of the bait, the point of the hook should be exposed. Size hooks are used 1 and 2, and the line is threaded through the heart with a special needle. Because large eels are to be taken into account, we use a fishing line with a diameter 0,35 Mm. When taking the eel, you need to let go of the line, as large bait is difficult to swallow.

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