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The slowly ending season is an opportunity for angling, conducive to reflection, dreams, reflexjom. It was this nostalgic state of mind that struck me during last November, a night session by one of Masovian burbot rivers. The matter concerns a seemingly insignificant matter, namely, the behavior of people with a stick and not only over the waters, their relationship to nature, aquatic creatures, their ecological awareness. It becomes noticeable, that domestic fishing delicately but effectively takes some forms of extremes. Starting with the almost universal "formal” poaching at the end of "tune-up" competitive fishing. Without going deeply into the subject, it's not bad overall. There are fish in the water, sometimes they take it delicious, sometimes worse, maybe it's not like it used to be, but there is always something going to hang on the hook. Equipment in a multitude of stores, the choice is often staggering. So in general it should be O.K. By delving into the details, by touching specific problems a person is genuinely disturbing, tragic feelings and thoughts. The problem of water poaching is known to all anglers and the so-called. higher factors. But what of it!

The current situation in the country is favorable, calling a thing by its spade "criminals". The total lack of control and supervision of most waters has led to a disastrous situation for ecosystems and aquatic environments, manifested in the fact of terrible devastation in the population of many species of fish. Depleted herds, mainly salmonids, which, given the current financial outlays for restocking, will not be easy to rebuild. And in lowland waters, robbery economy and uncontrolled catches of predators mainly by "nouveau riche" lessees, led to an imbalance in species. Through the lack of natural selection, the sudden increase in the bream population is reflected in the overall stunting of these species. The aforementioned lack of control and protection of fisheries has resulted in total debauchery and pushed to the limits of decency in publicly available waters. This does not only apply to indigenous poachers, but also visiting "meat hunters", for which any precepts, prohibitions, Protective limits and dimensions are only wishes of the authors of the PZW regulations.

Principles of ethics, they are met with complete ignorance, and what worries the most – there is no prospect of improvement and recovery from this fatal situation. As clear and clear water law is still in "diapers", the attention and concern of the responsible services is focused on more serious economic and criminal crimes. Killing and stealing fish is, after all, a small social harm. Banging with a 'head' on the door of responsible local decision-makers brings only short-term effects. Perspective projects and, should be taken, however, in the "Headquarters" maintained by all of us. This one, however, detached from reality, lives its own life, in your own "cabinet" world, for "not own" money.

Wildness and the lack of elementary care, the common wealth of nature is noticeable primarily by fishermen who fish in many of the country's rivers and lakes. As it happened, that also my person belongs to that group of "wanderers" with a stick, and really, planning your next trip, choosing a "certain fishery" becomes more and more difficult.

Let us take e.g.. pike fisheries. "Notorious" Biebrza, Narew, as if "empty". To catch "nice" 2-3 kg esoxa has to be a lot of trouble and hard work. Larger Masurian lakes are eutrophicated and polluted, looted and devastated, in addition to the salt license fee, they will get oxygen sooner, than they will give a decent fish to a 2-day "tourist". The same goes for the land of trout and grayling. The rivers of the Gwda basin are loudly advertised, Brdy and Drawy turned into promenades, in which he "gets" one or two "good" or dimensional pieces is a success and the trip should be considered successful. Smaller watercourses and lost "secret" forest ponds, the so-called. spring has long been plowed by poaching inventions. The "zero" results effectively cured me from trips to such fisheries. Yes, the fish may still be there, but they will not be caught by the visiting amateur of their taste.
Thus, how this goes on, we will see a new hobby - collecting equipment, because it's useful apart from admiring in front of colleagues, there won't be much left of it.
It is a sad picture! – is not it! However, this is not a subjective feeling of the author.
Exchange of information in a wide circle of fishing friends in many parts of the country, this seems to confirm this. Examples? You're welcome!
The last week of September in Parsęta. Excellent sea trout, great buddy, he brushed the water from dawn to dusk. Score zero. Others? Similarly!
A few colleagues on a 2-week holiday in Masuria. How was it?! Yes, some roach, bream, some barely dimensional exhausted piss. No revelation. Two weeks of fishing! Not bad anglers! Next – from Pomerania. Almost weekly trips to the nearby Drawa – a dozen or so dimensional trout, one "nice" – he went, some "short". Generally – miserable season. Monthly trips by a Polish railway wagon of a dozen peasants for trout. Except for the rare cases of catching single fish, how they went so and they came, only with lighter backpacks… about the weight of canned meat and fish… sheets and wobblers – left on ropes stretched under the water across the river and ropes of practical local collectors of these trinkets. The results of the last club competition on Pluszny, also speak for themselves. Only a dozen or so small pikes and not more perch. Almost 90 participants including the top Polish leaders. By 2 days about 60 guys without any fish. There are many examples. Pismak does not complain. I think, that I am stating a fact. A bitter fact, fish stocks in our waters are shrinking at an alarming rate.

However, to end this thread optimistically. Fish catch - so many roe, phasers and glisten – in mountain waters. On the Web, students, for buttocks and stuhook ropes – on the lakes. Well that's good. There are more and more submissions in fishing magazines. There, whose misconceptions have seduced them admire them in delight.

The other side of the angling extreme. Professional fishing, otherwise, the sport of fishing, so colorfully described and propagated in "industry" magazines. Of course I will not write, that I deny. Tons of groundbait thrown into the fishery, special secret potions – they fertilize the water already rich in nutrients - algae enjoy it. Hundreds of bleachers (released after the competition) she waggles her tails happily at the shore.
Happy, that they could have contributed to the champion's success (much of it – lying "bull" relaxed, he lets himself be floated by the waves) after all, they deserve a rest after a hard fulfilled duty… So much, that it is "eternal rest". Nevertheless, the producers of professional multi-meter poles are grateful, stools, stands, pots, buckets, or another, indispensable, all this player stall. Well, there is business - there is O.K. "Everything we do, we make a master for you…”. How distant is Choynowski's time of fishing, Rozadowski! Modest and natural. Only if that's it? Do "games below the belt" as long as you have a fish, just to stay on top "commercial surplus, advertising and flair is worth a fish tail! No, the magazine will not write, that he denies. I will only write, that he is not a fan of speedy-Gonzalez-style fishing and that, as all loner anglers know: how beautiful is the day that rises by the water, how wonderful nature sounds, croaking of frogs in the rushes, the chirping of crickets, the slap of a fish in the bulrushes after sunset, and how beautiful the sensations of a hunter immersed in nature can be. Because, as Czesław Łaszek wrote years ago, “The passion of angling, hunting, gathering is the legacy of the age-old instinct for gaining food, for the survival and maintenance of the human species…”

And today, when she had eaten enough, catching a fish yourself should be a test of your hunting skills, and fishing, reacting to the stresses of civilization that destroys the organism, relaxing and calming the psyche by contact between man and nature, for our place has been in it for ages.

The essence of fishing communing with nature should not turn into satisfying one's vain ambition and satisfaction, winning laurels in the mass and speedy murder of innocent creatures, which are declining every year.

Nor should it be about showing off your prowess in "taking" them out of the water. Personally, I would add this to the recently fashionable "No Kill" slogan, that if you already kill the angler, it's only as much as you can eat. And no more!

The fire is burning, The bell ranged. taking. Burbot… What a wonderful fish it is.

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