Active pike fishing for dead fish

The article will be about that, how to search for pikes and actively catch them with a dead fish. When fishing for pike in running waters, it is worth using the current of the river. The float set is drowned slowly by the water, and the angler penetrates the fishery moving along the shore step by step. The greatest emphasis should be put on the aforementioned "step by step", because in the most interesting places the lure should "stop" as long as possible. Groping the "kilometers" of the river in the dark will not bring us the success we dream of.

Pike most often stand in places with a slower current (they are rarely seen in the swift current). They choose positions close to the shore, such as: water obstacles and breakdowns, and places that give them good shelter (aquatic vegetation, overgrown or washed river sides, etc.). In unregulated rivers such places are relatively easy to find by anglers. It is worse with regulated watercourses, but also in them all kinds of "irregularities" can be noticed and thanks to this it is possible to correctly select the hunting area of ​​pike. They are river spurs, shore faults similar to them, deep washes on bends, narrowing and extensions of the river course, reverse current episodes, tributary mouths, etc..

The whole art of pike fishing comes down to finding these places and, most importantly, skillfully catch them from different, possible sides. The lure must always "overtake" the angler. Pike - as we have already mentioned – lurking mostly near the shore, he might be "worried" seeing an angler above his head before a meal – which is completely possible with clean water – and may not want to meet him "eye to eye".

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